When Your Personality Belongs to the 1% of Population

Whenever I heard the word ‘personality’ my memory is recalling what people usually say about me. Most of people I encounter said that I am a calm, seldom talk, shy, not a kind of confident person. You might raise a question in your mind, “are those true?” To be honest, I cannot affirm what people say nor refuse it, cause I don’t know it either. However, as I am gaining more years and experience I do try to know myself, including my personality more.

I am glad and grateful that there are numerous kind of personality test available online and some of them provide free version. Among the various personality test there is one test that attract me much I.e MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator). This tool commonly used by professional to identify their communication preference, and how they interact with others. Some organization put this as one of their psychological test components for a new employee. According to MBTI test, I have an INTP (Introvert – iNtuitive – Thinker – Perceiver) personality. What makes it so attractive to me is that it is believed that only 1% of population belongs to the INTP personality. So, do I feel special? Well, I am not sure, hahaha. One thing for sure is that I realize that I am part of the minority and might be always the minority (at least according to MBTI). Thus when I feel that I have strange habit, or different point of toward certain phenomenon I am no longer wondering why should I see things different from most people.

There is just a point in my life when I question the way I think, the way I communicate, my preference and my choices that usually different from most people, at that time my school mates. The younger me feels insecure and wonder why didn’t I make choice, or interact just like my classmates. Now that I realize that all the differences and unique way of thinking can be scientifically explained. For me myself, it gives me enough reason not to feel anxious about my habit that usually different from most people.

Furthermore, the description and explanation of the MBTI test helps me in understanding and articulating my habit. It’s like finally finding the reason and answer of my curiosity all this time. Yet, I realize that personality is like an ‘always stranger guy’ who needs to be approached, interacted, and explored in order to know what stays inside and how to deal with it so I still need to regularly interacted and communicate with it.

I am writing this entries as part of #30DaysWritingChallenge so see you on the next entry.

Kecup mesra,

Geny Jati

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