5 Things that Make Me Happy

This maybe only me, but as the time goes by (re: as I’m getting older) it is getting more difficult to answer “what makes you happy?” or before that to even answer to the question “are you happy?”. I realize this difficulty cause when I have to answer to these questions it takes me minutes to finally answer the question. I am still even not sure about the answer I had, because there is a part of me who always challenge and question every single part of me. When I say “I am good” this part will directly ask, ‘are you sure? Didn’t you feel upset this moment? Though you also feel completely okay with that emotion, are you sure you’re good with that?’ Anyway, let’s not think too much about the complex emotion spectrum, and the dialogue I had inside my head, let me share my pathway to happiness that can easily afford.

Delicious food

Who doesn’t love delicious food? A big pan of pizza, bowl of pasta, countless scoop of ice cream, and don’t forget fruits and vegetables can easily make me happy. When I have a lot things to do especially when I get stress due to my workload, I usually eat more to provide energy to finish my work and to deal with stress. You know what, dealing with stress requires such a big energy, that’s why I need to eat more.


So that after I get my tummy full, I need to feed my brain. Books will be my choice. Basically I love to read any genre of book depend on the mood I have at the moment. For cheering me up some light fictions and comic maybe will be my priorities. Children literary such as Enid Blyton’s would be an ideal company for almost all occasion for me.


Other than books, I also watched movies either to fulfil relax and entertainment purposes or to find any insights or inspiration. Any movies other than horror would suit my tastes. I still could do thriller once in a while but not too often cause it usually make me feel stress and anxious.


From the time I open my eyes until the time I have to close it again, my life is fully surrounded by music from various genre. From slow rock until a dynamic K-Pop hits. Music is also one of my stress release to gain my mood back. The anthem I choose to set up my mood would be something more idle such as Daniel Beddingfield’s “If You’re Not The One”.


In the moment where traveling is still a safe and sound choice, I would easily jump in city bus to go to the city center and do my favorite thing I.e: people watching. Seeing and observing what people do in the city center release some endorphin for me. I also love to travel by train, cause it gives me a time to enjoy the scenery that rarely seen when I travel with bus. I do really hope that travelling would be a nice and safe option soon. It’s just not really in this short time.

So this is my #Day2 of #30DaysWritingChallenge story. Hope you like it.

Kecup Mesra,

Geny Jati

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