Parent: A Non – Scholar Title

We cannot choose what kind of parent that we want, but we have choice what kind of parent that we want to be. Apparently I agree with the statement. Maybe not fully agree, but there is part of it that I believe true it is the first clause. “We cannot choose our parent”. For some people, it may feel that it is a destiny to be born in a certain family with certain type of parent, yet for some it just feel that a random birth lottery is applied. It is difficult to spot the exclusive role for either parent or children to be tied in one family. Anyway, I actually just want to share about how I feel to have my parent, cause I think that’s the only thing I am capable of.

One thing for sure, I believe that to be parent is a lifetime commitment. Nothing can cancel its commitment. Knowing and realizing this matter, I understand that it requires preparation and willingness to always learn, and a big heart to be open minded all the time. Due to this huge commitment. I have no desire to be one, hahahhahha.

Talking about my parent, I am grateful that I have such an open minded parent. One thing I just realized is that how my mother letting me choose my major in university. For your information, my mother never able to afford university. Back at her time, graduating from Senior High School was considered enough. She herself finished her senior high (according to her story), but her academic certificate is swept away by flood (we used to live in Jakarta where annual flood was common), so she could only registered her Junior High certificate in administration office.

Have I ever told you that I my major is English Literature? Thing that so strange for my mother. What I really grateful is that though my mother have never been in a university, but she wants all of her children to get in University. She encourages her children to see the world she have never seen through education. Another big heart that she has is she give a total freedom to each of her child to choose the major. She only ask, “are you sure you wanna take that major?” then when I and my siblings said yes, she only said “Ok, let’s do this”. Similar understanding also given to my little brother who choose not to be in University but chose to work after he graduated high school.

I totally have no idea where does she get the idea that her children should get proper education, but I appreciate that it doesn’t make her hard. It does give her understanding that higher education is important and she works on it so that her children can afford it. However, when in certain case her child doesn’t want to she doesn’t force it. How couldn’t I feel grateful?

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